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Student 1200 1000 200 Details...
Teachers 170 165 5 Details...
Stuffs 200 198 2 Details...
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Student 40 Click to see available possition
Teacher 7 Click to see available possition
Stuffs 3 Click to see available possition
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“Education is the best weapon to change the world” – Nelson Mandela. Being established in 1995, CBGHSR have been spreading the light of education successfully, preparing the students to overcome the upcoming challenges. The school ensures quality teaching along with all other necessary co-curricular activities like scouting, regular arrangements of games and sports, science fair, debating competitions; publication of wall magazines and so on. Moreover, all national days are observed here with great enthusiasm and solemnity. The neat and clean, grassy campus keeps the students energized the whole day. CBGHSR has earned a huge reputation for extraordinary academic results in the board exams. A good number of students of this institution achieve scholarship every year. Its academic activities are conducted through lesson plans as well as a well-planned academic calendar. Multimedia classes are also conducted on a regular basis. Monthly exams are also held besides the half-yearly and year-ending exams to ensure progressive academic advancement. Students appearing for the public exams are taken extra care of with special classes and model tests to ensure better preparation. Results are prepared digitally in automation system and guardians are regularly informed of the details of the performance of their children. All the teachers of CBGHSR are committed to contributing to the advancement of the nation by making well- educated citizens with great patriotic zeal. Finally, I am honored to be associated with this renowned institution. I will try my best to fulfill every single duty I have as the head of the institution so that the school can claim to be the best school in this area one day. May Allah help us fulfill our every wish.

Md. Abul Kalam Gazi 
Head Master
Cantonment Board Girls’ High School, Rangpur
Rangpur Cantonment.

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